Why should foreigners study in the Philippines?


Why should foreigners study in the Philippines?

I had befriended a Japanese girl named Yuri way back in 2012, as she happened to be my co- English Major. We have studied together for four years since then, we even got to be thesis (research subject) mates. She’s a full Japanese nationality and stays in the Philippines to pursue a degree in English.

Over the years we have talked about many things, most especially with her stay here in our country. She came to learn the Tagalog language easily, despite her short time living here in Manila before that four-year course. I remember asking her at times why she chose to study here, and her answers simply answer this article’s main question: Why should foreigners study in the Philippines?

Let me break her answers down to five best reasons.

Affordable cost of living

Why should foreigners study in the Philippines?

Foreign students can live adequately with the Philippines’ affordable lifestyle and monetary status. With only less than $50 or Php2,000 a month, any foreign student can rent a dormitory or apartment to call their new home. All other expenses like food, clothing, school tuition and the daily cost of living are much cheaper here compared to many countries around the globe.

A touch of International Education

Why should foreigners study in the Philippines?

Most Philippine Universities and Schools offer many international courses and subjects that are fit for foreign students. Not only that, education institutions here also implement certain ways of western teaching, enabling for students to advance their interpersonal and intellectual growth. Most Philippine professors are the best of their fields, completed Graduate and Doctorate Studies.

Pleasant Filipino Attitude

Why should foreigners study in the Philippines?

Yuki told me that Filipino’s pleasant interaction and hospitability urges her decision to stay in the Philippines. Filipinos are great conversationalists, and always make sure to keep their visitors at ease and comfortable. Yuri told me that one of her favorite Filipino’s trait is welcoming foreign visitors and willingness in helping one towards any situation. Yuri remarks on Filipinos are easy to be friends with. She also told me her amazement to Filipinos’ strong faith in nature, love, and mostly in our Creator.

Great nature and weather

Why should foreigners study in the Philippines?


When Yuri first stepped in my country, she said that the Philippines has a fair tropical weather one could easily adjust to. It also has some of the most beautiful sceneries the world has, keeping any student at a greater mood for studying. Yuri had been to many places around Manila and outside Manila, and she told me she recommended many of the country’s magnificent tourist spots with her fellow Japanese friends, should they want to visit other scenery places.


Language is not a problem

Why should foreigners study in the Philippines?

The Philippines is culturally diverse country, and considering it as the third largest English Speaking nation in the world makes it the best choice for foreign students. Also, Philippines is a home of many talented linguists, self-taught language speakers—making Filipino people the best conversationalists in the world. Filipinos are also easy to adapt to foreign languages, making great efforts to make foreign people speak with ease. Even Yuri herself was amazed by how language-skilled Filipinos are both in written and spoken manner.  She told me that even though she had a basic knowledge of the English language, Filipino’s way of conversing using the language makes her learn it better.

“I will study again in the Philippines—that’s for sure,” I remember Yuri told me in one of our conversations. She said it with such enthusiasm, and I believe she was grateful for finding the Philippines as her second home.

Why should foreigners study in the Philippines?

Education is not to be measured by how many years a foreign student spends to learn—it’s what he/she can do with it. The Philippines has many promising factors that can improve any foreign individual’s personal and intellectual growth.

You might want to consider reading this article if you’re interested in programs and courses offering here in Philippines.

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